Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Networks (PhD Course)

This course covers modeling and optimization methods for planning efficient and reliable operations in large-scale logistics networks. We will examine recent use cases in transportation and production and discuss which models and techniques are appropriate for certain applications. Topics that are covered range from classic network flow models via decomposition approaches for multi-commodity problems to advanced topics such as time-expanded networks or traffic equilibrium models. Where possible, we will identify research papers and cases that are close to the PhD projects of the participants.


Course TypeLecture and Seminar
LecturerJannik Matuschke
DatesJuly 23-25 & August 2-3, 2018
PrerequisitesThe course is aimed at PhD students in operations and supply chain management or a related subject. Participants should be particularly interested in the quantitative methodology of this field.

Interested students should send an e-mail to jannik.matuschke@tum.de by April 10, 2018. Please attach your CV, so we can assess the suitability of your background and adjust the content of the course.