Head of the group

Prof. Dr. Andreas S. Schulz
Mail: Andreas S. Schulz
Tel: +


Anne Diehl
Mail: Anne Diehl
Tel: +


Dr. Daniel Vaz
Mail: Daniel Vaz
Tel: +

PhD students

M.Sc. Carolin Bauerhenne
Mail: Carolin Bauerhenne
Tel: +

M.Sc. Matthias Brugger
Mail: Matthias Brugger
Tel: +

M.Sc. Alexander Grosz
Mail: Alexander Grosz
Tel: +

M.Sc. Daniela Vögler
Mail: Daniela Vögler
Tel: +

M.Sc. Clara Waldmann
Mail: Clara Waldmann
Tel: +

Former group members

See also a list of visitors at our chair.