Technische Universität München
Technische Universität München

Research Seminar

The OR Research Seminar takes place Fridays at 11:00am in room number 6009 in Karlstr. 45 (exceptions possible).

Upcoming Talks

Jan 19th, 2017 Aleksei Kuvshinov
(TU München)
Convex optimization under uncertainty: distributionally robust optimization framework
Jan 18th, 2017 Arindam Khan
(TU München)
Approximating Geometric Knapsack via L-packings

Past Talks

Dec 21st, 2017 Steffen Borgwardt
(UC Denver)
An Introduction to Discrete Barycenters
Dec 15th, 2017 Alexander Eckl
(TU München)
Variations of the Robust Flow Problem
Dec 8th, 2017 Arslan Ali Syed
On Demand Mobility and Dynamic Ride Sharing Problem
Nov 24th, 2017 Ingo Stallknecht
(Heidelberg University)
Polynomial integer programming as projection
Nov 17th, 2017 Simone Maria Massaccesi
(LMU München)
When a random simple graph with a fixed degree sequence has a giant component
Nov 17th, 2017 Andrea Haertle
(TU München)
Live Kidney Transplantation in Germany: A Proposal for a Kidney Exchange System
Nov 10th, 2017 Isabella Listl
(TU München)
Homeless Shelter placement using priority queues
Oct 18th, 2017 Bastián Bahamondes
(Universidad de Chile)
Adaptivity in Network Interdiction
Oct 13th, 2017 Martina Kuchlbauer
(TU München)
Parametric Combinatorial Optimization Problems and their Complexity
Sep 11th, 2017 Kshitij Gajjar
(Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
Distance-preserving Subgraphs of Interval Graphs
Jul 26th, 2017 Jose Soto
(Universidad de Chile)
Strong algorithms for the ordinal matroid secretary problem
Jul 19th, 2017 Martin Zellner
(TU München)
Clustering Directed Graphs (Bachelor's thesis)
Jul 19th, 2017 Diogo Pocas
(McMaster University)
Analog Networks on Function Data Streams
Jul 12th, 2017 Katie Fitch
(TU München)
A Metric Preserving Symmetrization Method for Directed Networks
Jun 28th, 2017 Jannik Matuschke
(TU München)
Rerouting Flows when Links Fail
Jun 21st, 2017 Kristof Bauer
(TU München)
Combinatorial approaches to Prize-Collecting Graph Problems (Master's thesis)
May 24th, 2017 Nicola Pace
(TU München)
Permutation decoding of linear codes
May 17th, 2017 Yiannis Giannakopoulos
(TU München)
Duality Theory for Optimal Multidimensional Auctions
May 15th, 2017 Abhishek Rathod
(TU München)
Approximation Algorithms for Max Morse Matching
Mar 24th, 2017 Daniel Schmidt gen. Waldschmidt
(TU München)
Scheduling with Position-Dependent Speed (Master's thesis)
Mar 17th, 2017 Ruben Hoeksma
(Universidad de Chile)
Posted price mechanisms for a random stream of customers
Mar 10th, 2017 Haakon Rød
(TU München)
A Distributed Algorithm for Large-scale Stochastic Optimization Problems
Feb 14th, 2017 Ashwin Arulselvan
(University of Strathclyde)
Economic lot sizing problem with remanufacturing option
Feb 10th, 2017 Victor Verdugo
(Universidad de Chile)
Integrality Gaps for Identical Machines Scheduling
Jan 24th, 2017 Marinus Gottschau
(TU München)
Bootstrap Percolation on Degenerate Graphs
Jan 23rd, 2017 Yossi Luzon
(Tel Aviv University)
Scheduling and Control of Two Fundamental Processing Systems
Dec 19th, 2016 Michele Garraffa
(Université Paris 13)
An Exact Exponential Branch-and-Merge Algorithm for the Single Machine Total Tardiness Problem
Dec 7th, 2016 Jiehua Chen
(TU Berlin)
Teams in Online Scheduling Polls: Game-Theoretic Aspects
Dec 2nd, 2016 Felix Happach
(TU München)
Stable Clusterings and the Cones of Outer Normals
Nov 25th, 2016 Jannik Matuschke
(TU München)
Robust Flows
Nov 18th, 2016 Marcus Kaiser
(TU München)
Optimal Integration of Autonomous Vehicles in Car Sharing
Nov 11th, 2016 Katie Fitch
(TU München)
Optimal leader selection in multi-agent networks: joint centrality, robustness, and controllability
Oct 28th, 2016 José Soto
(Universidad de Chile)
Independent Sets of Rectangles Intersecting a Diagonal Line
Jul 18th, 2016 Rajan Udwani
Robust Monotone Submodular Function Maximization
Jul 18th, 2016 Yassine Marrakchi
Multi-Target-Tracking for sorting bulk materials
Jun 27th, 2016 Senanayak Sesh Kumar Karri
(INRIA Paris)
Learning bounded treewidth de- composable graphs to maximize submodular functions
May 30th, 2016 Sergei Chubanov
(Universität Siegen)
Polynomial projection algorithm with applications in combinatorial optimization
Apr 18th, 2016 Kai Kellner
(Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main)
Containment problems for projections of polyhedra and spectrahedra
Feb 29th, 2016 Andreas Wiese
(MPI Saarbrücken)
Better Approximation Guarantees for Geometric Packing Problems