Technische Universität München
Technische Universität München

M.Sc. Felix Happach


Office: Room 6008, Karlstr. 45 (6th floor), 80333 München

E-Mail: felix.happach(at)

Phone: +49 89 289-26883

Office Hours: by appointment

Research Interests

  • Scheduling
  • Cutting plane methods
  • Clustering
  • Structural properties of polytopes related to combinatorial optimization



Since 10/2016 PhD student and research assistant at TU München, Chair of Operations Research
09/2016 M.Sc. Mathematics in Operations Research (TU München)
Master's Thesis "Stable Clusterings and the Cones of Outer Normals"
Winner of the GOR Master's Thesis Award 2017
2011 - 2016 Studies in Mathematics with major in optimization (TU München)


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  • Borgwardt, Steffen; Happach, Felix: Good Clusterings Have Large Volume. ArXiv e-prints, 2017 mehr… BibTeX