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We welcome applications by Bachelor and Master students. If you are interested in writing your thesis at our group, please find further information and instructions here.


Master's Theses
Pareto Optimal Matchings
Mathematical Models and Algorithms for Kidney Exchange
Machine Learning for Multistage Stochastic Optimization Problems
Approximation Algorithms for Location Routing with Depot Capacities
Stochastic Optimization of Storage Capacity in the German Renewable Energy Network
New Approximation Algorithms for Old Scheduling Problems
Complexity of Station Repacking
A Stochastic Routing Problem with Applications in Security Planning
Interdisciplinary Projects
Approximability of Scheduling Problems with Precedence Constraints
Implementation of Optimization Schemes for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows


Master's Theses
Oracle-Reducibility in the Context of Local Search 2018
Maintaining Perfect Matchings at Low Cost 2018
Shortest Path Problems with Cost-Sharing 2018
The Net Present Value Problem 2018
The Extension Complexity of Polyhedra in Combinatorial Optimization 2018
Parametric Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Their Complexity 2018
Benefits of Implementing a Kidney Exchange Program in Germany 2018
Variations of the Robust Network Flow Problem 2018
Inventory Optimization in a Medium-Sized Company 2018
Minimizing Overflow in Homeless Shelters via Online Scheduling Techniques 2018
Combinatorial Approaches to Prize-Collecting Graph Problems 2017
Scheduling with Position-Dependent Speed 2017
Supply Chain Inventory Management and the Effects of Lead-time Variability 2016
Multichannel Assortment Optimization 2016
Bachelor's Theses
A Comparison of Different Surgery Scheduling Models 2018
Simplicity and Optimality in Auction Design 2018
Clustering Directed Graphs Using an Effective Resistance Preserving Transformation 2017
Online Scheduling Problems with Random Arrivals 2017
Robust Appointment Scheduling 2016